Disparu à jamais

Gone For Good: Season 1 (French Trailer 1)

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2021


Season 1 - Disparu à jamais
13 Aug 2021
"A decade after tragedy upended his family's life, Guillaume is ready to embark on a new chapter - until his girlfriend suddenly disappears."
13 Aug 2021
"Guillaume digs into his mother's mysterious spending and uncovers a clue to Judith's past. In 2010, Sonia's sister hides a key piece of evidence."
13 Aug 2021
"Judith's mother visits Guillaume with more startling news. A trip to Ivry forces Daco to reckon with a secret from his own past."
13 Aug 2021
"Desperate for answers, Guillaume confronts Fred's closest confidant. In Italy in 2015, a budding friendship leads to a life-changing encounter."
13 Aug 2021
"As flashbacks reveal young Fred's transformation, Guillaume finally learns the truth about his brother - and that fateful night 10 years ago."