Just Beyond - Season 1 Episode 7

Genre anthology series based on the graphic novel novels by R.L. Stine.

Genre: Comedy , Family

Director: N/A

Country: United States

Episode: 7/8 eps

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2021


Season 1 - Just Beyond
13 Oct 2021
"When 14-year-old activist Veronica Vanderhall is suspended from school, her parents send her to Miss Genevive's School for difficult girls, which claims to have an impeccable record for rehabilitating complicated girls with a 'streak"
13 Oct 2021
"Two besties make a bizarre discovery about their parents that causes them to fear for their lives."
13 Oct 2021
"A teen witch struggles to blend in at school after her \"fresh-off-the-broomstick\" cousin arrives."
13 Oct 2021
"After moving into her mom's creepy childhood home, a teenager is haunted by a masked monster."
13 Oct 2021
"A gifted student transforms her appearance with a magic beauty app - but it comes with consequences."
13 Oct 2021
"On a field trip to a legendary theatre, a 14-year-old student becomes trapped in a ghostly drama."
13 Oct 2021
"A 13-year-old bully torments the residents of his idyllic town, until he picks the wrong target."
"No description"